The story behind the Sacrifice


A sacrifice is something that many of us will have to do in order to get to that next level in life that we desire to be. For the last four years I have worked for a company that I wasn’t happy with but I became comfortable where I was instead of stepping out of my comfort zone. Every year the company would give us at least two weeks off in the month of December and I would always mention to my fellow coworker that I would not be returning because I was going back to College. This went on for years, until I finally made up my mind that I’m going back to school whether I keep this job or not. So I enrolled back in College in 2013 and I continue to work at this place. It was miserable trying to work in a warehouse and still get homework done and actually learn and remember the things my professors was teaching. What I thought was a misfortune that I had to now go on third shift to keep a job was very hectic. I would go to school from 6pm-10pm then leave school and go to work from 11pm-7am so not only did my life become even more hectic I wasn’t focused on my school work because I was so tired from not getting enough rest. Every year I would say Lord I don’t want to go back to that place because I wanted more I wanted to complete college and walk into His will for my life, and working there was a hindrance for me. I got tired of basically sleeping my life away, not being able to go to church, spend time with family. I remember praying and tell the Lord that I’m so sincere about growing more in Him and finishing school that I would quit my job if I had to in order to get to the place I needed to be. How about my prayers were answered after four years God did just what I ask Him to do, let me be honest I didn’t expect it to happen the way it did but in all I am thankful that it did.

On December of 2015 my department got shut down and wasn’t to return until mid January, so that made a month that we would be out of work. Yes I filed for unemployment but that’s a process all by itself. So that really lead me to lean and depend on Jesus for a whole month not knowing what I was going to eat, how my bills will be paid. In that time period I began to grow a even stronger relationship with Jesus and that is what I needed most. When January hit the time we were suppose to go back to work no one called but of course rumors went out that we weren’t going back to work until February so that now that means I would be out of work for 2 months. Now I normally would have got all nervous or stressed out about it, but being that I was spending time in God’s presence I just begin to pray even the more and ask God that His will be done. So I ended up calling my supervisor asking when are we going to return and he said confirmed that we weren’t schedule to come back unto February, that didn’t through my for the loop what did was the fact that he said I would have to go to second shift. Mind you I go to school in the evening and second shift hours are from 3pm-11pm. I explain to him that I was in college and that I am a junior, and his response was that there was nothing he could do for me. So I prayed about it and trust that God would work it out for me, and He did just that I wrote up a resigning paper and turned it in to HR letting them know that I would not be returning because I was going to finish school. They really didn’t understand but I had no choice they wasn’t interested in helping me continue to work there and finish my education.

I said all of that to say sometimes we get so comfortable in places that we are only suppose to be in only for a season. Being in a comfortable place makes you feel secure so it’s hard to get out of, and we become so concern about what tomorrow will bring. However the Bible tells us in Philippians 4:6 ┬áBe anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. So I found assurance in knowing that I shouldn’t get tied up or comfortable in no place because that what I become tied up in could be a hindrance to my growth or who I’m suppose to be. I found it to be a blessing to know that God will do whatever you need Him to do if you just trust Him whole hearty and just believe that He is able to do the impossible. Faith open doors and if you just active your faith many door will be opened for you. The time that I have been out of work God has not only kept me feed and clothed but He has keep my mind in perfect peace. don’t get me wrong there are moment I may get emotional and it’s all because I know no matter how much I go through He is able to do more than what I can think or ask of Him to do! If there’s any advice I could give everyone is to stay encouraged and believe that it’s already done for you!!



The beginning!

This is my very first blog and I’m very excited and a little nervous, because I want to be very transparent about who I am and about things I’ve experienced in life. I’ve considered to give blogging a try because not only do I do a lot of thinking, but I also do a lot of writing. First and foremost I love God so expect to me see me talk about God in some if not all of my blogs. I’m so ready to start this journey and to finally begin to open up and share who I am with everyone. This is simply the BEGINNING of something GREAT and I’m humble for this experience.


Love, Shakyarra